The airport has been designed to help assist people with special needs (disabled, blind, visually impaired, deaf, ill, injured, and the elderly), so as to make proper use of all services. The Bari terminal comprises of a ground floor (arrivals) and a first floor (departures).


In the departure area, Aeroporti di Puglia has dedicated rooms for disabled passengers, called “Sala Amica”, and operated by specialized staff.

For the blind or visually impaired, access to the Sala Amica is made easier by using special tactile devices.


Special toilets are accessible to passengers with reduced mobility at all Aeroporti di Puglia terminals.


All lifts are accessible to wheelchair users, equipped with Braille buttons and acoustic signals for opening and closing doors.


Upon arrival at the airport, you can request special assistance using Information Points, that is special pillars positioned at departures and at the Sala Amica entrance. You can also go directly to the Sala Amica to seek help. Assistance operations are managed by skilled personnel, relevant services are defined by special regulations.


Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility is carefully managed according to incoming flights’ instructions provided by air carriers. Passengers are assisted by specialized staff, using appropriate airport services, up to clearance of all operations.


These are buttons alerting operators to intervene and support a person with a disability or reduced mobility inside the airport until boarding.There are three Call Points:

  1. 1 is located outside the terminal, near the sliding doors at departures floor, west side. Next to the button there is a tactile map, allowing a blind person to access the Sala Amica, with the aid of a tactile path;
  2. 1 is located just outside the courtesy lounge, also with the aid of a tactile map;
  3. 1 is located outside the terminal ground floor, east side.

The aid system is completed with a tactile device on the sidewalk, outside the terminal, and ends at the entrance of Sala Amica, where another Call Point is located.


If boarding operations are carried out by bus, Aeroporti di Puglia offers the passenger a special device (Ambulift) equipped to help board people with disabilities and reduced mobility. The Ambulift, equipped with a large cabin, can descend at ground level and rise up to 5.5 meters at aircraft level, to allow easy access to wheelchairs. The Bari airport has 2 RAMPINI Ambulifts and 1 AVIOGEI Ambulift.


A multi-storey car park provides car parking for disabled persons, as well as lifts and dedicated toilets.

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