Generally, all airlines allow transport of dogs and other small animals, but each airline has its different rules: please plan well in advance before starting your journey and inquire about specific regulations. When booking, you must notify the airline about traveling with your pet.If traveling abroad, you must also inquire about documents to be filled in and provided upon entering the country of destination: in certain countries, pets require a quarantine period of up to three months before clearance.As a general rule, your pet must be vaccinated against major diseases; you should also carry relevant medical records and a certificate proving their good health. All airlines allow small dogs and cats, they can travel in the cabin if kept in cages with a waterproof base (such cages must allow pets to move comfortably, in any case they can be no bigger than 47x25x32 cm and must weigh up to 10 kg).If the weight of your pet exceeds 10 kg, they must travel in the aircraft baggage hold and kept in special cages provided by the air carrier.


The only exception is for guide dogs for the blind: they travel with the passenger wearing a muzzle and leash. In this case transportatoin is free, you must however communicate the presence of your dog upon reservation and report to the air carrier’s offices before checking in; dog and owner will be boarded first and seated next to one another.


Birds, fish, frogs and turtles can be introduced in Italy only if they have a certificate of origin issued by the country of origin.Protected species (parrots, sea turtles, ornamental fish, etc.) must be accompanied by a CITES certificate (authorization to export).

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