All Italian children wishing to travel must be in possession of a personal document valid for foreign travel, i.e. a passport, and for EU countries an identity card valid for foreign travel.

Passengers with ID cards bearing the NOT VALID FOR OUT OF COUNTRY TRAVEL writing may not leave the country.

Children up to 14 years old can leave the country only if:

  • Accompanied by at least one parent or guardian (i.e. legal guardian). In this case, the child’s document must bear the names of the parents or guardian or, alternatively, the same must present at the time of expatriation a family certificate or birth certificate, or documentation of the appointment as guardian. This is necessary to prevent illegal travel of children with unauthorised third parties.
  • Entrusted to an escort with a proper declaration of custody.
  • Entrusted to the airline and authorised by the parents or the legal guardian.

Passengers over 14 years of age may travel unaccompanied in both EU and non-EU destinations.

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