Pursuing the relevant ENAC directive, Aeroporti di Puglia has a 100% Baggage Screening control system in place in Bari and Brindisi, adopting a two-tier system using PEDS and FEP X-ray equipment, as well as portable explosive-and-drug tracing detectors. To prevent unauthorized persons from evading surveillance security and accessing terminals and aprons, all exit doors are equipped with alarm systems, and an additional internal monitoring system is operated inside the State Police Office.

A similar procedure was adopted for the Airport of Brindisi.

The system shown is based on a technology recommended by ICAO for biometric identification at airports.

Planned investments, in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority and other authorities delegated to security, allowed to implement the most modern and efficient in equipment Europe, so that Apulian airports may reach efficiency standards of service in line with the contingent situation of global air transport, reaching the highest security levels.

Attention to safety (that is, prevention of accidents, and security, i.e. prevention of harmful events) is a hallmark of Apulian airports.

One of our landmark achievements is the Bari control room, one of the most advanced in Italy, and not only in the field of air transport.

Security is therefore not only an obligation of all airport users – passengers, carriers, tour operators and staff – but also a value-added service making our airports a center of excellence across the European airport world. Following are some of the services we render:

  • 5th level screening control of 100% Hold Baggage
  • Control of passengers and hand luggage using standalone and portable devices, as well as explosives detectors
  • Our surveillance system has a “control room” managing the Airport computer system (using over 130 CCTV)
  • Biometric system for high security gate access
  • Electronic control access to over 150 sensitive areas
  • Alarm systems on all emergency exits
  • Surveillance system on the airside and aprons
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